One of the foremost advocates of business ownership, Dr. Jackie E. Mayfield was born in Bogalusa, Louisiana in 1948. A   child  of the  Civil Rights Movement, he made  a lifetime commitment to self- empowerment  for  people and is today nationally-known as the “entrepreneur’s bookkeeper and income tax preparer.” He’s also nationally known as an empowerment  specialist, teaching, training and helping aspiring  and established entrepreneurs achieve greater levels of success in the business world. Too often those who take care of the finances of entrepreneurs are not entrepreneurs. Jackie isn’t only a successful business man, he’s also helped make hundreds others successful. He combines superior knowledge of the tax-code, bookkeeping procedures, and the ways of business to make sure they are also financially sound and protected. Unable to finish high school, Mr. Mayfield nevertheless went on to become one of the nation’s most noted entrepreneurs. In 1982, he started and built ComproTax into the nation’s largest Black-owned income tax preparation and bookkeeping service in the nation.  Now approaching its 29th year in business, ComproTax is a multi-million dollar business with more than 220 franchise offices nationwide. Using his proven “Business Start-to-Success” method, Mr. Mayfield has coached and helped more than 400 entrepreneurs achieve a greater level of business and financial success in their chosen fields. This unique business consultant, motivator and teacher now conducts business and financial  empowerment seminars nationwide, all especially designed  for individuals who seek a better quality of life. The Breakthrough Bible College in Washington, D.C., honored him with its highest and most prestigious award, the Doctorate of Humane Letters for his nationwide efforts to improve the economic condition of the African-American community.  A prolific  speaker, teacher  and trainer, Mr. Mayfield has  authored  several DVD/CDs  including “The  Spiritual  Aspects Of Selling.” He is the principal producer/director of “The 21st Century Underground Railroad: Digital Video Magazine ( He and his wife, Miss Bessie, his sweetheart of some 40-plus years, have two daughters and one son. They say...  Dr. Mayfield is one awesome business man.  Here’s a man with great tax knowledge, great business knowledge, and great personal knowledge. He’s already built a nationwide business, the likes of which I’ve never seen before. This growth from small to national business translates into income tax and bookkeeping know-how that is ripe for growing and estaablished businesses alike. If I were you, I wouldn’t miss any opportunity to learn from him or get the tremendous services of his executive group. They have saved me thousand of dollars.” Joe L. Dudley, Sr. Founder, Dudley Products, Inc. As a business man, Mr. Mayfield is in a class by himself. His legendary business skills and knowledge never cease to amaze me. I really think he’s a genius–disguised as a human.”  John Raye, Entrepreneur & Author of Make Yourself Great: Inspiration For Dark Days And Long Nights” Service! That’s what Mayfield’s Executive Tax Group is about. Twenty eight years ago I went into the income tax preparation business because too many people were being underserved. That’s still true today. Sadly it’s true at the higest levels when people have the most to lose. Mayfield’s Executive Tax Group is a collection of individuals hand-selected not only for their expertise, but also for their penchant for service.”   Jackie Mayfield Dr. Jackie Mayfield © 2010 Mayfield’s Executive Tax Group (METG) Dr. Mayfield and George Fraser Jackie Mayfield