Dr. Jackie Mayfield They say...  As a business man, Mr. Mayfield is in a class by himself. His legendary business skills and knowledge never cease to amaze me. I really think he’s a genius–disguised as a human.”  John Raye, Entrepreneur & Author of Make Yourself Great: Inspiration For Dark Days And Long Nights” Dr. Mayfield is one awesome business man.  Here’s a man with great tax knowledge, great business knowledge, and great personal knowledge. He’s already built a nationwide business, the likes of which I’ve never seen before. This growth from small to national business translates into income tax and bookkeeping know-how that is ripe for growing and estaablished business alike. If I were you, I wouldn’t miss any opportunity to learn from him or get the tremendous services of his executive group. They have saved me thousand of dollars.” Joe L. Dudley, Sr. Founder, Dudley Products, Inc. Exceptional Service Today’s leading businesses expect a superior level of experience and expertise to help them address complex income tax, accounting, reporting and planning issues. Mayfield’s Executive Tax Group believes you should also expect something more – exceptional service without it costing lots of money. Don’t think it’s possible? Do you think that paying exorbitant fees guarantees exceptional service? If so, listen to this client: and think again. Mayfield’s Executive Tax Group provides a broad range of financial services, including tax services,  financial reporting,  and financial planning. Our clients come from many industries: from non-profits, real estate, advertising to manufacturing and graphic design. Regardless of the client’s needs or the type of business, members of Mayfield’s Executive Tax Group are committed to a personal involvement for each client on every assignment. Successful Client Relationships Seasoned. Determined. Delivered. For more than nearly three decades, those principles have guided us to successful client relationships. © 2010 Mayfield’s Executive Tax Group (METG) Jackie Mayfield