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Bowden Senior Multipurpose Community Black History Program

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Class Update


Folade’s weekly classes have been discontinued until further notice. Thank’s so much for all of your continued energy and support. Please, stay tuned for more of Folade’s news and happenings!



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Help Us!

Friends of Folade's Sankofa Donor Campaign


Through the years of performances and workshops, Folade continues to evolve and with this evolution, an increasing sense of urgency arises. As committed artists eager to see the art of African dance and drumming endure, we know that support is needed from the broader community.  

We believe that those who have enjoyed Folade's performances are as committed as we are to continuing the development of young artists and would like an opportunity to invest in Folade's artists education program.


Well, here’s your chance. As a donor, you can help our students participate in training and development through Dance Spirit Academy, the educational component of Folade Drum and Dance Ensemble.


Folade recently entered into a partnership agreement with the Butler Street YMCA’s after school program that will introduce youth to the history of traditional dance, song and African rhythms and will showcase what they have learned through performances.  Your investment will help buy costumes and instruments; help parents pay for classes and field trips and sponsor youth presentations and showcases.


Through our involvement with the Butler Street YMCA, we’re focused on improving on what we already do best, building a legacy of youth committed to the art of African music, dance and culture.


Your investment can help us continue to develop artists and leaders.  Folade is intent to “sankofa” its way to a time when all African children will know who they are, where they’ve come from and how they can help others to get where they need to go.


Please consider an investment today.  All proceeds should be sent to:

Folade Na Weusi Drum & Dance Ensemble

Sankofa Donor Campaign

6203 Treecrest Pkwy

Decatur, GA  30035  


Thank you!

Akilah Issa  Executive Director  Folade Drum & Dance Ensemble

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