Feel The Fire of Folade
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Bowden Senior Multipurpose Community Black History Program

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Bowden Senior Multipurpose Community Center





Class Update


Folade’s weekly classes have been discontinued until further notice. Thank’s so much for all of your continued energy and support. Please, stay tuned for more of Folade’s news and happenings!



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We are Folade Na Weusi Drum & Dance Ensemble, a vibrant group of young artists who bring the tradition of West African culture and contemporary Black culture to the stage through song, music, drama and dance.


     In our performances you may hear a story of triumph and celebration, maybe a story of war and pain.  You may see a traditional African Ballet or we may stir you soul with a modern piece.


    Folade’s rhythms are pure energy… energy that ignites an audience … energy that makes them move… energy that will make them wanting, and ready to dance the traditional movements with Folade’s dancers.


About Us.


    Folade began thirteen years ago  when youth performed for a community Kwanzaa event.  


Under the tutelage of Akilah Issa, the youth performed a traditional African dance for the program.  The performance was a great success and led the way to the beginning of Folade Na Weusi Drum and Dance Ensemble.


Over the years the company has expanded to include many talented young artists as well as the celebrated artist and arts educator Busara Whittaker as its Artistic Director.  


      Folade Na Weusi’s future vision is to create an academy for children of all ages whereby African dance, music language and culture can be studied, learned and performed, thereby continuing the legacy of this rich culture.  We have begun in that endeavor by partnering with the Joseph B. Whitehead Westside YMCA’s after school program to teach African Dance and music to youth in the Whitehead Community.


   We invite you to become a part of the Folade experience as we bring to life the ancient history and culture of a people.   Our performances are exciting, uplifting, educational and most of all, full of fire.  

Are you Ready…?
  …to experience the
          rhythms of Africa
…to feel the energy
             of the drum
 …to hear the
           story of a people