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Weekend Communiversity 2011

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Weekend Communiversity:


First Fridays: -Movies and Discussion (Multiple locations and online)

l 7-10 PM

Saturday Times:

l First Period: 9-10:30 AM (various)

l Second Period: 10:45- 12:15 (various)

l Third Period: 1-3PM (various)

Sunday Times:

l 11AM-12Noon- Inspirational Tellin' (Storytelling and Song) First Sundays only

l 7PM Free - OurStory For Our Success

l 8PM Free - Sunday Seminar: Topics in African-Centered Education & Open House

Subjects for Weekend Communiversity


Fee Structure:


  • 8 Week Courses: $149
  • 6 Week Courses: $129
  • 3 Week Courses:   $99
  • 2 Week Courses:   $59
  • 1 Week Course:     $29
  • Some Course are Donation Only
Family discounts for multiple course registration and enrollment.





  • Math Clinics: Foundational, Algebra, Geometry (First Period)
  • Language Arts Clinics: Reading for Comprehension and Speed, Grammar, Writing (2nd Period)



  • Image-A-Nation Photography Class (Baba Wekesa) [Second Period] 6 Classes-Tuition: $149.00
  • Brother Man Returns
  • The River of Stories: Story Telling and Song (Kala) (Adults and Teachers) First Period Saturday AM (4-Week Class)
Language & Language Arts:
  • TWI (Ayinde) and Adinkra Symbols (first period) 6 Classes-Tuition: $149.00
  • French From An African Perspective (Instructor:Yapende)      (First Period) 6 Classes- Tuition: $149.00
  • Spanish From An African Perspective (TBA - Looking for an instructor) 6 Classes-Tuition: $149.00
  • AYA Communiversity Book Club: (2 Books Per Month) [Third Period] Donations Accepted

    a) Upper Elementary

    b) Middle

    c) High-School


    African Space Science Policy Institute



OurStorical & Social Studies:




  • Following Araminta for Parents, Teachers and older Students (Baba Wekesa) [First Period] 6 Classes- Tuition: $149.00


  • Journey - The African Diaspora (People, Languages, Culture, Challenges, Re-Africanization, Successes)
  • OurStory for Our Success: [7PM Sundays] Journey of The Songhai People 6 Classes-Tuition: $149.00


a) Inside Out vs. Outside In

b) Family WHB stories

c) Our People's WHB stories


  • Sunday-Seminar - Home-Schooling from an Afrikan Perspective (A Seminar and forum -featuring stories and advice from actual home-schooling parents and AYA Instructors) [8PM Sundays]
  • The Kongo (TBA) Donations Accepted
  • Amos Wilson Study Group (TBA)
  • Yurugu Study Group (TBA)





Walking for African Centered Education.

Click to hear the culmination!



Update from Amefika Geuka as he walks from West Palm Beach, FL to Washington D.C. to dramatize the urgent need for support of African Centered Education:


Click here for audio update, Thursday August 13, 2009


Click here for additional information and to learn how you can help


Love and Respect,

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