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Standardized Testing

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5-12 grade 


  1. Vocabulary, 
  2. Reading Comprehension, 
  3. Language Mechanics and Expression, 
  4. Math Computation, 
  5. Math Concepts and Applications, 
  6. Science, 
  7. Social Studies, 
  8. Spelling, and 
  9. Study Skills. 


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New AYA Home-School Collective sites allow solve key problems with traditional home-schooling
  • Parents can continue to work . It no longer requires that one parent stay at home or that both parents work part time.
  • Students are not left home alone while the parent(s) work.
  • Students are not physically alone
  • Parents are still intimately and integrally involved in the educational process.
Learn more about AYA's Home-School Collective sites. See if one is forming in your area or see what you need to do to form one.
Attend the Mukanda Demonstrations and Info Sessions Sunday @4:00 PM EST
Come in person (1083 Columbia Dr. Decatur, GA 30083) or via our live conference room. Questions or Problems? Call: 404.292.9002