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Welcome to AYA Educational Inst.

Sundays@Seven: Open House & L.E.A.P. Intro

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Sundays@ 7PM Eastern

By Phone: 213-416-1560, Pin: 2 776 739# or

By Webinar: http://www.anymeeting.com/ayateach

Log in and watch, listen, talk  chat  from anywhere in the world. Learn about how our fall programs full time, part time, weekend academy and our new L.E.A.P program


7PM - 7:15 Current Educational Topic #1 AYA's Collegiate Compliment

5 Theories and Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness

7:15 - 7:30 Question - Answer #Section One

7:30-7:45 The AYA Way - Key AYA Educational Feature:

7:45- 8:00 Question and Answer Section Two Showcase of Fall School Offering

8:00-8:30 L.E.A.P. Q&A sign up and registration  (L.E.A.P. - www.ayaed.com/leap)


Fall Weekend tutorials:

Math Clinics:

  1. Foundational
  2. Advanced
  3. Customized Private Tutorial
Language Arts:
  1. Reading Club - Books / Online / Video
  2. Creative Writing
  3. 5 Paragraph Essay
Computer Programming:
  1. Raspberry Pi (Programming)
Visual Arts:
  1. Photography
  2. Cinematography


Interested? Come to the open house Sunday's 7pm. (Click Here)

Volunteers and AYA Ambassadors @ 3pm

Help us help others who need an AYA Education


2013-2014 Academic Year

  • Middle and High School classes start - Tues. Sept. 3rd and end on Friday, June 13th, 2014
  • Weekend Schools Starts  Saturday Sept. 21st


Daily Week-Day Schedule:


  • School opens @ 8:15 Monday-Friday Message from Principal
  • Students report to LEAP sites or log into the Conference room.
  • Morning guardian sessions @ 8:20-9:55
  • Morning academic courses @ 9:00-10:30 | Break | 10:45-12:15
  • Lunch  12:15-12:45
  • Afternoon guardian sessions @ 12:45-1:25 pm
  • Afternoon academic courses @ 1:30-2:25 | 2:30-3:00|
  • School Ending Session 3:00-3:40


After School Tutoring Schedule: (other subjects by appointment)


  • 4:00-5:00 pm - Photography  to Academic Excellence
  • 5:00-6:00 pm - Foundational Math Clinics
  • 6:00-7:00 pm - Foundational Language Arts Clinics
  • 7:00-8:00 pm -  As Needed

Weekend Academic Schedule:


  • 9:00 AM -10:30 AM
  • 10:30AM -12:00 AM
  • 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Sunday Evenings Educational Series

  • 7PM Eastern





I'll leave the Web Conference Links active.

Web Conference Links Here(have your web cam ready)



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Ida B. Wells Day

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SSchool family - Students, teachers, parents,


Did you know that tomorrow is an AYA school holiday? Please check the school calendar: http://ayanetwork.com/ayaschool/calendar.php


We don't take president's day; we do honor those who deserve it.

Mama Afiya says that I can't require it, so you have an extra credit.  Use it as a day on... on IDA B Wells.  Learn about her.  For extra credit, see questions and resources below. Post your answers to the questions on the Wiki.  Also, email them to me @  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  If you have questions, please call me at 404.201.2356

Answers due by close of school. You can collaborate, but you are responsible for knowing all information you post.
You must answer all the questions in section 1,
 and choose 2 questions from section 2.
Section #1:
  1. Who was IDA B Wells? (birth, birth context, description, life significance)
  2. What was her pen name?
  3. When did she serve the National Afro-American Council? What was her role?
  4. What in her background or experience led to her fighting for justice?
  5. What's the line in one of AYA's pledges that refers to her? Why do you think she was chosen?



Section #2:  in addition to the questions above, answer at least two of  these below:
  1. Who did she sue? Why? If it were you, would you have sued?
  2. See where your family time line  intersects with IDA Wells' lifeline. She lived from 1862 to 1931. Check your family time line to see if anyone was born anytime during that period. If so, who? What do you or your family know about them ( for example - name, character, significance to the family, community, etc.)?
  3. Write a short  Kiswahili or French dialogue as if you are talking to sister Wells.
  4. Why do you think she supported or was opposed to the organization that came out of the Niagara Movement?
  5. IDA B. Wells published The Red Record. It's a small yet significant publication. It's here: [http://instruct.westvalley.edu/kelly/Distance_Learning/Online_Readings/Wells_Barnett.htm

        and here: [http://www.digitalhistory.uh.edu/learning_history/lynching/wells2.cfm]

        Please answer the following questions relative to it.


  1. According to Wells-Barnett, what were the reasons for lynching in the South?
  2. Why had the reasons changed over time?
  3. What did Wells-Barnett hope to accomplish with this publication?  How?
  4. If what Wells-Barnett wrote about was common knowledge, why would her editorials provoke such threatening reactions?



6. Assuming that lynching was designed to instill fear in Black people then, what is used to instill fear in us now. Please explain. In this light, why is IDA B. Wells' work so important?



And others that you may find

Wekesa O. Madzimoyo,


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Our Students Win Gold. Yours Can Too!

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See and hear award winning essay below. See Award Winning Photo Essay


OursStudents Bring Home Gold


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Sunday Discussion & Open House

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Click on the School Conference/Class room links on the Menu to your left. Use Room #2 No password required.

Learn about our new 

  •  Aero Space Club ( Learn more on Sundays @3pm)
  • AYA Book Club

Then, check out the challenging courses that our full and part-time students take. 

  • 5 Theories - What if you had to write your theory of devine reality, of personality? Our students are. Join us.
  •  Doing Asa - What is you had to write a world-view and analysis of the new movie - AVATAR based on Nana Baffour's ( Asa G. Hilliard, III') analysis of ET? Then, you'd be DOIN' ASA.
  • French from an Afrikan Perspective! How do you learn the language of former and current oppressors without learning to revere them or their culture. How could French-From-An-Afrikan-Perspective help us unravel the events of Haiti? 
  • More...

Mis-education is key to this process of alienation. 


Often students are either alienated from the community in the process of becoming "educated," or they are alienated from the subject (poor grades, low skill), if they choose to stay connected to our community. Either way - we loose, and those alien to our community are served. Yes, to we serve them royally! Let's reverse that. Come to our Sunday Educational Discussion and Open House.
All you need is computer and speakers. A head phone is a plus, so you can talk and type.


Download the conference room link and come on it. 
Call 404 201 2356

if you have difficulty.




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New Music Video and Student Music Impromptu

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AYA founders - Afiya and Wekesa  in a Kelly Love Jones video!

Check it out! It's all "FOR YOU."



Students Jammin' too!



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Walking for African Centered Education.

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Update from Amefika Geuka as he walks from West Palm Beach, FL to Washington D.C. to dramatize the urgent need for support of African Centered Education:


Click here for audio update, Thursday August 13, 2009


Click here for additional information and to learn how you can help


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