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In 1997, after having earned a BS degree and having served my country for 22 years, I could only see incremental "standard of living raises."  I was only looking for a little something to subsidize my income after retirement from the Military

I took the plunge and joined the COMPRO-TAX team. Within one year, that little "something" to moved to eclipse my full time income.

That income has continued to grow ever year ever sense. Now, I have the opportunity to touch the lives of many.

In 9 years the COMPRO-TAX family has facilitated my growth, educationally, financially, spiritually and developed me into a positive role model for my family and community.

How did I get here?  What did I do?

"I took their tax class" and went out on Faith!

With no existing background in Income Tax business they developed me with their concept of provisional time to grow. They believed in me and I'm proud to say I surpassed the company's expectations.

I started as a Tax preparer, moved to become a Company presenter, then to a business owner. Now I'm a business developer – helping people get started the way COMPRO-TAX helped me.

I Started with one office and now have a direct relationship with 15 others in 6 states.  I'm also a Sub-broker. That means I now own part of the company.

I also have a direct relationship with more than 15 managers that facilities the growth of more than 50 other affiliates.

Growth and change is constant in life, in business and in COMPRO-TAX.  As I said, COMPRO-TAX changed my life.

Now I'm working to introduce change- online, real time inter-active classrooms that will allow us to grow our businesses even more rapidly under the umbrella of COMPRO-TAX. This is exciting.

Even more exciting is that I have the opportunity to mentor and facilitate the growth of others just as COMPRO-TAX did with me. Success has it’s price, but that price is always less when you are helping someone else. We is stronger than I!

I strongly encourage you to take a look at our opportunity. It may change you life as it did mine.

Thank you and God Bless!