Hi, were COMPRO-TAX 
We’re proud to be your door-way to complete and professional tax
preparation and financial success through various instruments,
consultations, and seminars. COMPRO-TAX is dedicated to re-developing
a culture of business in our communities. We are proud that Houston, TX 
and surrounding areas have picked COMPRO-TAX as the income tax
“company of choice!”
Service, Preparation, Service. You just can’t beat COMPRO-TAX giving.
We give; then give some more. Our affiliates operate on the WE concept. It
is this vast network of unselfish professionals that gives us the edge and
gives you the most professionally prepared returns in the industry. To serve
you well our preparers have to be well trained as professionals. All of our
professionals are committed to life-long learning, and are required to take
classes yearly.
The ComproTax-affiliate team is made up of long-time residents of the
community who give to public and private efforts to improve our
community. The base of the pyramid is where the stability is.
Tax professional, Terry Bridgeman and his team have gone through
rigororus training and preparation to insure that you get the very best
service possible. All of our affliliates live and work in the communities they
serve. That makes us strong, effective, and reachable.
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