SOME SOURCES OF TAXABLE INCOME: Salary or Wages Earnings from Self-Employment Interest and Dividends Capital Gains on Sale of Property State or Local Tax Refunds Alimony Retirement Plan Distributions Incentive Stock Options Rental Income Unemployment Compensation Sick Pay Gambling Winnings          SOME DEDUCTIONS OR ADJUSTMENTS TO INCOME:   Tuition and Fees Deduction Deduction for Educator Expenses Contributions to an IRA Contributions to an HSA Retirement Plan Contributions Moving Expenses Job-hunting Expenses Student Loan Interest Part of Self-Employment Tax Self-employed Health Insurance Medical Expenses State Income Tax Payments Real Estate Taxes Local Personal Property Tax Home Mortgage Interest Home Mortgage Points Charitable Contributions Investment Interest Expense Un-reimbursed Employee Expenses Casualty or Theft Losses Tools & Uniforms for Work Professional Dues Work-related Education Some Personal Tax Credits: Retirement Savings Contribution Credit Child Tax Credit Additional Child Tax Credit Credit for Child & Dependent Care Education Credits Adoption Credit Earned Income Credit Home Energy Credit Some Business Tax Credits: General Business Credit Investment Credit Work Opportunity Credit Welfare-to-Work Credit Disabled Access Credit Electric Vehicle Credit Empowerment Zone Employment Credit Copyright (c) COMPROCOLUMBUS.COM
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