The Books! Wrong accounting and financial decisions are not only annoying, they are often costly. COMPRO-TAX has created the 21st Century Bookkeeping system. With over 220 offices, we lead the nation in providing  affordable bookkeeping providing you the small business owner with complete monthly financials, each and every month. Businesses are growing worldwide, and so is the competition. In order to gain and retain the competitive advantage you must discover smart ways for saving costs and increasing revenues. The average small business owner saves approximately 40% by outsourcing  their bookkeeping needs? The time you save is invaluable and is better spent on building better customer relationships and expanding your business.   informed about your business financial position. Decisions are no better than the information they are based on. 21st Century bookkeepers keep you informed about your business. This not only will keep your company in compliance with Federal and State regulatory issues, it will also increase the overall efficiency of your business operations. Related Services: " Prepare profit/loss report, balance sheet, general ledger and other essential reports " Preparation of Year-End books " Prepare sales tax " Process Employee Payroll " Reconcile bank and credit card statements " Prepare W-2's and 1099's Picky! Picky, Picky, Picky - that’s us. We provide small business, corporate, and individual Bookkeeping. Family | Business | Corporate Our clients include: Families Attorneys Physicians Engineers Fashion Professionals Entertainers Ministers Truck Drivers " Real Estate Copyright (c) COMPROALEX.COM 409.988.8077