guardians on site. They are surrounded by 25 professional LEAP sponsor who  are surrounded by 50 youth and adults from the local community. The LEAP students are surrounded by hundreds others nationally and internationally.     2. Sponsor   Critical to AYA-LEAP are the sponsors - often professionals, businesses, churches, organiz- ations that provide tuition assist- ance to qualified students and who bring at least one youth and one adult from the community to the LEAP community gatherings four times per year. 3.  Learn  Every school day, AYA-LEAP students engage AYA’s full academic and service curriculum. The core subjects: Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Foreign Language are all taught from an African perspective. High expectations, high culture, high nurturing are the guides. The core instructors are complemented by 10 parent and community guardians who also teach and guide.  Students engage locally with other national and international students  via live web-conference technology. Students learn so they can formally present what they are learning publicly every nine weeks. 4. Gather-Respond Every nine weeks, sponsors, parents, students, relatives and their invitees gather to watch the LEAP students present what they’ve been learning to the community. Not their grades; their actual work; their
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learnings and the implications. The gathering of 75+ responds with kudos, criticism, and guidance based on AYA’s    scholar warrior, healer, builder model. 5. Discuss & Commit Youth and Adults break into separate groups; youth and adult facilitators guide discussions re:  what they’ve learned or what’s been stimulated by the LEAP students’ presentations. Based on the discussion, youth and adults board (white) how they are inspired and what they commit to DO to address issues raised by student presentations or subsequent discussions. 6. Advocate To expand their influence, both youth and adults are asked to increase their roles as active change agents - leaders  by identifying educational and social policies, practices that need to be changed. Then they detail what they will DO to advocate for those changes. 7. Restore Identity, service, accountability & trust is what LEAP is restoring. Without these, leadership and academics is just service to aliens at our expense.  
Imagine our youth as scholars - warriors, healers, and builders. Imagine them demonstrating academic excellence within and because of the community. Imagine them becoming youth change agents - advocating for a better community. Now, imagine them inspiring other youth and adults to do the same.
1. Enroll If you have imagined thus far, you have already taken a leap over the obstacles that would stop you or your child from seeing themselves successful - “Black and Powerful” is the way we like to say it. It all starts with your registering and applying for entrance and scholarships, if needed.      LAYERS OF SUPPORT AYA-LEAP. operates in cohorts of five. Five students in each LEAP location guided by five or more academic instructors via live, interactive web conferencing. They are surrounded by 10 family-community instructors and 
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